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ACMMM 2017 – Accepted Papers

August 15, 2017 by NExT

Congratulations to our researchers who have papers accepted for the ACMMM ’17!


Cross-modal Recipe Retrieval with Rich Food Attributes
Jingjing Chen (City University of Hong Kong); Chong-Wah Ngo (City University of Hong Kong); Tat-Seng Chua (National Univesity of Singapore)

Video Visual Relation Detection
Xindi Shang (National University of Singapore); Tongwei Ren (Nanjing University); Jingfan Guo (Nanjing University); Hanwang Zhang (Columbia University); Tat-Seng Chua (National University of Singapore)

Laplacian-Steered Neural Style Transfer
Shaohua Li (National University of Singapore); Xinxing Xu (Institute of High Performance Computing); Liqiang Nie (Shandong University); Tat-Seng Chua (National University of Singapore)

Enhancing Micro-video Understanding by Harnessing External Sounds
Liqiang Nie (Shandong University); Xiang Wang (National University of Singapore); Jianglong Zhang (Communication University of China); Xiangnan He (National University of Singapore); Hanwang Zhang (Columbia University); Richang Hong (Hefei University of Technology); Qi Tian (USA The University of Texas at San Antonio)

Video Question Answering via Gradually Refined Attention over Appearance and Motion
Dejing Xu (ZheJiang University); Zhou Zhao (ZheJiang University); Jun Xiao (ZheJiang University); Fei Wu (ZheJiang University); Hanwang Zhang (Electrical Engineering, Columbia University); Xiangnan He (School of Computing, National University of Singapore); Yueting Zhuang (ZheJiang University)

Multiview and Multimodal Pervasive Indoor Localization
Zhenguang Liu (National University of Singapore); Li Cheng (Agency for Science Technology and Research); Anan Liu (Tianjin University); Luming Zhang (Hefei University of Technology); Xiangnan He (National University of Singapore); Roger Zimmermann (National University of Singapore)

NeuroStylist: Neural Compatibility Modeling for Clothing Matching
Xuemeng Song (Shandong University); Fuli Feng (National University of Singapore); Jinhuan Liu (Shandong University); Zekun Li (Shandong University); Liqiang Nie (Shandong University); Jun Ma (Shandong University)