Vision: Empowering Users through Web Intelligence

1) Achieve more accurate and complete discovery of knowledge.
2) Excel in research on video and multimedia.
3) Transform design, development and deployment of applications;
4) Provide alternative paradigm in engaging users.
5) Nurture top quality research, new ideas and innovative technologies.

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Multi-Sources Unstructured Data Analytics

25 January, 2018 by Tan Tek Min

This project is a continuation of research from NExT’s Phase I on big unstructured data analytics. The aim is to leverage our research results in Phase I to analyse and fuse multi-modal data arising from multiple data sources including social media, Web, forums, and, if available, structured and proprietary data sources. The research will target applications in the domains of Smart City, Fintech and E-Commerce.

The primary difference in this phase is to attain more accurate and complete extraction and discovery of knowledge from multiple unstructured data sources. This means that we need to develop better technologies for the aggregation of multi-source data streams; understanding of text, video and sensory contents; removal noise and spams; extraction of key evolving topics and trends; profiling of users and communities; and generation of predictive and prescription analytics. For the first 2 years, the aim towards applications is the inference of (actionable) insights in different domains, and the discovery of online falsehood. Accordingly, we will target our research on (semi) automated techniques to gather data and constructing knowledge graph; as well as various multi-source data integration techniques.