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NExT++'s Partnership with Four Elements Capital in AISG 100E Project

Four Elements Capital Pte Ltd announces partnership with AI Singapore and NExT++ in the project named "Base Metals Price Forecasting from Alternate Sources Using AI".

The aim of the project is to leverage machine learning techniques to learn and discover relevant knowledge from large-scale alternate data sources for the estimation of commodity prices, notably base metals, and their applicability to other markets. Machine learning techniques, in particular deep neural networks, have recently achieved significant success in various real-world applications such as medical image recognition, product recommendation, and user profiling. Specifically, the objective of this project is to build a neural network-based solution for predicting future contract prices of base metals. NExT++ will contribute its expertise in machine learning and unstructured multi-source data analytics and involve students and professors to work alongside Four Elements’ team of quants. The Centre will also be deploying resources such as IT infrastructure for the project. The research will be conducted on the Four Elements' financial data and research platform, Alphien.

This collaboration is a project under between Four Elements and NExT++ is through AI Singapore’s 100 Experiments program where both institutions will jointly develop innovative AI products and solutions for the local industry.


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